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Outreach Programs

Introduction to Ministry Outreach Programs

The fourth purpose of Mark of God Communications is to “minister to the more temporal needs (finance, health, family and relationship) of people’s lives”. Towards that end, Mark of God Communications is preparing three major ministry outreach programs:




As well, Mark of God Communications is preparing a fourth ministry outreach program specifically purposed to help meet spiritual needs:

These ministry outreach programs will indeed help meet many real needs in the lives of people today. But, God willing, these programs will do something even more important! These outreach programs will also help Mark of God Communications reach many, many more people with its Bible Discovery Evangelism and Fellowship Programs.


Life Development Evangelism

Life Development” is but another term for “personal development”. The fundamental purpose of Allegiant Life is to offer Christian-based “Life Development” programs – programs that will help develop the financial, health, family, relationship and spiritual dynamics of people’s lives.

Helping Christians Live More “Allegiant” Lives

The name “Allegiant Life” comes from the concept of being “allegiant” to Jesus Christ as both Saviour and Lord. A famous Scripture, Ephesians 2:8, is frequently translated, “For by grace are ye saved through faith” (KJV). However, the Greek word translated there as “faith” is “pistis” – and “pistis” more accurately translated really means “allegiance, loyalty, fidelity” – much more than simply “belief” or mental assent. Allegiance also includes striving to be obedient to all of God’s commands. Hence, one purpose of Mark of God Communications and Allegiant Life is to help Christians live more “allegiant lives”.

True Bible-based Content

A unique feature of Allegiant Life’s Life Development Programs is that they are based on true Biblical principles of success and achievement. It is of special note that Allegiant Life programs are neither “New Age” nor “Prosperity Gospel” in philosophy.

In today’s world, virtually all of the popular “self-help” and “personal development” programs are, in whole or in part, based on “New Age” (occult-based) philosophies and practices. Sadly, even within Christendom, so many, many personal development programs are also rooted in New Age and occult thinking. While these other programs frequently claim to embrace and even teach Christian principles, they are actually diametrically opposed to true Christian / Biblical principles. New Age oriented programs are popular because they offer the enticing promises of “You can do it in your own power!”, “Inside you is all you need!” and “You can control your own destiny!” There is no question that there is much truth in many of these New Age or occult based programs – especially the ones marketed under the banner of being Christian – but they follow the devil’s classic method of deceiving believers through a mixture of truth and error. While such occult-based programs may not necessarily impact the salvation of their followers, at best these programs present a satanic deceptive mix of truth and error. If not a loss of salvation, the inevitable results can be heartache, disappointment and discouragement. The bottom line is that these New Age oriented programs make great promises, but simply are not valid. Allegiant Life purposes to counter the great wave of New Age oriented training programs with programs that are truly “Christian”, truly “Bible-based”.

While Allegiant Life does not put forth any form of “Get God and get rich” philosophy, it does teach that despite the inevitable challenges of life, with God’s help one can achieve real, true, lasting and satisfying success in life.

Not Simply a “Higher Power”

Mark of God’s Allegiant Life programs are unabashedly bold in fully representing God as our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as our Saviour and our Lord. In our programs, we do not simply refer to God as some vague and ambiguous “higher power” or “the god of your choice”. As a Christian ministry, our purpose and ambassadorship can only be fulfilled and our integrity can only be maintained by proper, respectful and accurate reference to God the Father and Christ the Son. We will not compromise our allegiance to God and Christ in order to be more “politically correct”.

For more information on the programs, products and services to be offered by Allegiant Life, please visit 


A second feature “outreach” program for Mark of God Communications is that of “ChristianAchievers”. ChristianAchievers will be a ministry in itself as well as another key method of “side-door evangelism”. God willing, it will help to bring more and more people to Mark of God and its Bible Discovery and Fellowship programs.

The mission statement of ChristianAchievers is:

“Helping Christian Achievers fulfill their God-given Purposes, Dreams and Goals”  

An “Achiever” is simply a person who wants to “be all they can be”, “do all they can do”, and “achieve all they can in life.” Generally they are positive thinkers, with an attitude of “investing” their lives in things worthwhile, not just “spending” time living life. Generally they do NOT spell success with dollar signs. A great number of achievers happen to be entrepreneurs and salespeople, simply because those were the best routes they saw for themselves to achieve the successes they wanted. However, not all salespeople are true achievers. Neither are all self-employed business owners necessarily achievers (or entrepreneurs). As well, there are indeed many true achievers in other professions, from teaching to health care, from service trades to ministry. Further, not all achievers are “currently” or “apparently” successful, since many true achievers dare to try great endeavours and hence often fail at least several times before finally succeeding.

A “Christian Achiever” could be defined as a person who exemplifies the above character and action – but also as a Christian (taking note that a Christian isn’t simply someone who “believes” in Jesus Christ, but who “follows” Jesus Christ). A Christian Achiever may either be an active Christian or quite disenfranchised from any church (ChristianAchievers is also purposed to be an “outreach” ministry to the disenfranchised and “unchurched”). A Christian Achiever is definitely success and goal oriented – but with a God-given purpose in their existing career, business or ministry. Being a true Christian Achiever is fundamentally a matter of “attitude” – as expressed in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”.

Most Christian Achievers are quite happy (and perhaps even very successful) in their present endeavours, but would like “something more”. For some, “something more” will be some form of “help” in their endeavour – from technical support to networking contacts, from simple encouragement to access to venture capital. For others, “something more” will simply be the enjoyment of fellowship with other like-minded Christian Achievers. For yet others, “something more” will be the opportunity to minister and mentor other Christian Achievers in a purpose-filled program like this. And for still others, “something more” will be an added dimension of “fun, adventure and romance” that they are simply not now enjoying in their present lives.

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Originally HTMB Success Club had been planned as one of the outreach programs of Mark of God Communications (alongside Allegiant Life and Christian Achievers). More recently plans for HTMB Success Club have been expanded and it has been established as a separate corporation (federally chartered as HTMB Success Club Inc.)

“Hard Times Made Better”

HTMB stands for “Hard Times Made Better”. Finance is a major and preoccupying problem for many people today. In these uncertain times, many people are looking for effective ways to make more money and to overcome life’s challenges. To help meet those needs, HTMB Success Club will be offering:

  • Career, Leadership and Business Training Programs
  • Motivation and Success Training Programs
  • Individual Life, Career and Business Coaching
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Team Support

Above: Design concepts for HTMB Success Club Magazine and Membership Kit

Unabashedly the HTMB Success Club programs will be somewhat like and parallel to those for the outreach programs of Allegiant Life and Christian Achievers. The biggest difference is that HTMB Success Club is not only targeted at Christians, but at BOTH Christians and the general marketplace.

“Real Hope for a Great Future!”

HTMB Success Club and Mark of God Communications share a number of purposes and even types of programs, products and services. Most notably they both offer “Real Hope for a Great Future!”

Mark of God Communications offers real hope for a great future in a more spiritual and eternal sense. HTMB Success Club offers real hope for a great future in a more temporal and immediate sense.

The basic function of Mark of God Communications is as a Christian ministry. Its basic purpose is to help people know more about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and how to enjoy both the present and eternal benefits of being a Christian. The basic function of HTMB Success Club is as a business enterprise. Its basic purpose is to help people become more successful, especially in the financial aspects of life.

And why focus on helping meet people’s financial needs? Research shows that most people view finance as their greatest need (followed by health, family dynamics, relationships and, lastly, God). Very simply, by helping to meet their more temporal needs (e.g. finance), we can develop the “connection” to also help them with their more spiritual needs.

Helping to Bring More People into Bible Discovery and Fellowship  

Not everyone who becomes involved in HTMB Success Club will also become involved in the programs of Mark of God Communications. But some will. Some of the “connections” made through HTMB Success Club will result in bringing more people into the Bible Discovery and Fellowship programs of Mark of God Communications.

 “Joint Venture” Advantages

Because of the parallels between Mark of God Communications and HTMB Success Club, plans are to operate these two separate corporations in a “joint venture” manner. Wherever it is advantageous and efficient, plans are to share advertising, promotions, facilities and personnel.

One example of such “joint venture” promotion is in the following advertisement:

For more information on the programs, products and services to be offered by the HTMB Success Club, please visit

Bible Discovery Evangelism for the 21st Century” is a key aim of Mark of God Communications. As outlined in this website, Mark of God Communications will be doing many different evangelism and outreach programs. Some will be under the banner of “Mark of God” and its main website,  Other programs will be under the banners of: “Allegiant Life”, “ChristianAchievers”and HTMB Success Club”, each with their respective websites.

Yet other outreach will be through another Mark of God website: Plans are to expand the content and functions of this website – both to serve as a training / information tool and to serve as an outreach for other Mark of God Communications programs.