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Braden Caldwell, Founder and President

The founder of ChristianAchievers and its parent ministry, Mark of God Communications Inc., is Braden Caldwell. Note: For more information on Braden Caldwell’s History and Plans for the Future, please refer to “Vital Messages to Help Change People’s Lives” (see Chapter IV. Vital Perspectives , Past, Present & Future”).


Note: The following pages are being revised.


Prior to switching to ministry endeavours in 1995, Caldwell had over 25 years experience in a wide range of entrepreneurial businesses. He had personal experience in virtually every aspect, from advertising to personnel training, from product development to corporate image design. His greatest corporate success was creating and founding a multi-million dollar automotive aftermarket venture that had almost 200 franchised agents and over 3000 salespeople across western Canada. At the height of his success, Caldwell was referred to as “The Architect of Marketing” and proved that he was able not only to envision new concepts, but to turn those dreams and plans into reality.

Since making a transition from business to ministry, Caldwell has been credited with being a gifted Bible teacher. He is now focusing his abilities on the creation of the new and innovative ministry programs of ChristianAchievers and Mark of God Communications Inc.

“The Achievers’ Coach”

Braden Caldwell also offers a personalized service of “coaching for achievers” – a service that can help you achieve:

  • Victory in overcoming any challenges in your life
  • More happiness in your personal life and relationships
  • Greater success in your career, ministry or business

Some of the challenges and opportunities that Braden can help you deal with better are:

  • Overcoming divorce or the loss of a relationship
  • Overcoming failure and setbacks in your career, ministry or business
  • Evaluating the potential of a relationship
  • Understanding the differences in male-female communication
  • Developing effective conflict resolution techniques
  • Becoming properly assertive and dealing with strong-willed people
  • Rekindling a romance wisely
  • Forging a stronger partnership in the furnace of adversity
  • Meeting great people and making new friends
  • Beginning again, more intelligently, in remarriage
  • Determining vision and purpose for your life
  • Exploring your career options
  • Starting a business or ministry of your own
  • Expanding your business
  • Developing effective decision making, creative thinking and problem solving techniques
  • Developing effective sales, persuasion and communication techniques
  • Learning to motivate and lead others
  • Projecting a winning personal image
  • Having courage to take positive action despite fear
  • Making a positive impact on today’s world

Apart from the credentials mentioned above, Braden Caldwell is a seasoned professional who has “earned the right” in the “university of life”. Having both achieved incredible successes and overcome devastating setbacks, both in relationships and in endeavours, Caldwell is a knowledgeable and caring professional uniquely capable in offering these specialized coaching services.

For more information on coaching services, contact Braden Caldwell at (email) or (phone) 416-804-6213.

ChristianAchievers is an outreach ministry of Mark of God Communications Inc.
For more information on ChristianAchievers programs, please contact Braden Caldwell
at (phone)

(416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6

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