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Mark of God Communications Inc. (herein referred to as “Mark of God” or “Mark of God Communications”) is a Christian ministry federally chartered as a Canadian corporation. Mark of God Communications Inc. is not affiliated with any Christian denomination or parachurch organization other than its own outreach programs.



Note: The main website for “Mark of God Communications Inc.” was created prior to 2012.
Over the past years, there have been other new books and/or revisions including the following:

     “The MARK and the IMAGE of the ‘Beast'” 178 pages, copyright 2014; revised 2018

     “Exposed The Overwhelming Deception” 314 pages, copyright 2014

     “What On Earth Is Going To Going To Happen?” Book One & Two: 331 + 248 = 559 pages

     “Your Tithing & Your Ministry” 146 pages, copyright 2013; revised 2018

     “Hope For The Future! COVID-19” 38 pages, copyright 2020

     “Discover How You Can Build A Truly Successful Life” 216 pages, copyright 2013

     “Braden Caldwell: My Life So Far” 75 pages, copyright 2013; revised 2018


Note: God willing, in the future, there will be a “New & Revised Mark of God”.




Five Diverse yet Interactive Purposes

Mark of God Communications Inc. is an innovative new Christian ministry with five diverse yet interactive purposes:

  1. To more fully execute Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) – not only making baptized disciples, but evangelizing the whole Gospel (“teaching them to observe all things He commanded”).
  2. To especially evangelize and teach what the Bible says is the “Mark of God” (and its inherent blessings and protections for Christians in the 21st Century).
  3. To provide fellowship and discipling support to our members and guests through our Christian Fellowship and Lay Evangelism Training Programs.
  4. To also minister to the more temporal needs (finance, health, family and relationship) of people’s lives through our Ministry Outreach Programs.
  5. To provide Christian-based, ministry-oriented career opportunities as part of our Evangelism Team Programs.

Serving Christians of Different Denominations

Mark of God Communications respects the fact that many Christians are quite happy in and loyal to the church or denomination they are now part of. However, many Christians will want to benefit from the instruction and fellowship offered through our Mark of God programs. They are certainly most welcome, whatever their denominational affiliation. Future plans for Mark of God programs also include extensive training and support programs for pastors, teachers and leaders from other organizations and churches.

Explore the Possibilities for You!

If you can identify with any of the five purposes mentioned above, then explore the possibilities with Mark of God Communications and the programs it offers you.

You may want to start by studying some of our Bible Discovery Programs – programs that will show you how you can maximize the blessings and protection for you and your family and friends as Christians in the 21st Century. You may want to join in some of our regular Fellowship Programs. Or you may even want to start a new purpose-filled and ministry-oriented career as an important part of our Evangelism Team.


For more information on Mark of God Communications Inc., please contact Braden Caldwell at:
phone: (416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6

Note: The original concepts expressed herein are protected under common copyright law and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the explicit written permission of Mark of God Communications Inc.

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