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Evangelism Team Career Programs 

One of the major purposes of Mark of God Communications is “to provide Christian-based, ministry-oriented career opportunities”. There is a great need for such opportunities! Today there are many Christians who would like to be far more involved in ministry, but simply can’t afford to be. In order “to make ends meet” they need to be earning income from some job or profession (and often from a second job as well).

Mark of God Communications purposes to help fill this need by offering exciting and rewarding career opportunities in its “Evangelism Team”.

Members of the “Evangelism Team” will promote Bible Discovery Evangelism, Church Fellowship and Lay Evangelism Training. They will also be active in the Allegiant Life and Christian Achievers outreach programs of Mark of God Communications.

Qualified Evangelism Team Members will receive training and ongoing support.

For more information on how you can enjoy a full or part time career as part of the Mark of God Evangelism Team, please contact Braden Caldwell at Mark of God Communications Inc.


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