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Vision for The Future

One of the goals and operational plans for ChristianAchievers (together with its parent ministry, Mark of God Communications Inc.) is to establish a “Communications Centre” in every major city or key market region. The primary function of a Communications Centre will be to provide a full seven day week agenda of programs for members and guests. Friday evenings and Saturdays, the Communications Centres will focus on programs of Bible Discovery Evangelism and Church Fellowship. Sundays through Thursdays of each week, the Communications Centres will be used to provide training and other support for the Life Development Training Programs, Singles Ministries, Lay Evangelism Training and Evangelism Team Career Career Programs of ChristianAchievers and the other outreach ministries of Mark of God Communications Inc.

Member and Volunteer Programs

There are several ways in which you can be a part of ChristianAchievers. You might simply want to attend some of our programs or sample some of our publications or study materials. You might want to get involved in one of our membership programs (see just below). You might want to get involved in one of our career programs. Whatever your other involvement, you might also want to enjoy volunteering your time and energy in some way.

Become a “Basic Member”

Being prepared is a new membership program for ChristianAchievers. In the near future you will be able to become a “Basic” Member free of charge. All you will need to do is to register – and you will be able to gain internet access to information, publications, DVDs and other products and services offered by ChristianAchievers on the following programs:

  • Life Development Training
  • Life Coaching and Mentoring
  • Bible Discovery
  • Community Fellowship
  • Lay Evangelism Training
  • Fellowship and Social Events
  • Career Opportunities

Note: Being a “Basic” Member will not in any manner obligate you to participate in or support any of the programs of ChristianAchievers. Being a Basic Member will simply provide you with the information on and the invitation to access the various and diverse programs, products and services of ChristianAchievers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many people, with many diverse talents, skills, experiences and gifts are needed to make ChristianAchievers as successful in its ministry as we believe God intended it to be. Some people will be hired, as staff or as associates on a project basis, to help research and develop new programs and materials for Life Development Programs, Bible Discovery, training programs, etc.

However, there will still be a great need (hence a great opportunity) for many volunteers to also help out in areas like:

  • Music worship
  • Member services
  • Hosting/Hostessing
  • Small group leadership
  • Leadership of programs for singles, achievers, young achievers and others
  • Teaching Bible Discovery classes
  • Development of ChristianAchievers programs in other cities, provinces and states

God willing, ChristianAchievers will be an exciting partnership – combining the divine power of God with the skilled efforts of many people. Together we can make a positive impact on today’s world, changing lives, healing hurts and restoring hope to millions of people.

Serving Christians of Different Denominations

ChristianAchievers respects the fact that many Christians are quite happy in and loyal to the church or denomination they are now a part of. However, many will want to benefit from the instruction and fellowship offered in ChristianAchievers seminars and programs. They are most certainly welcome. These programs are for Christians of any denomination (as well as non-Christians who express no particular belief). Future plans for ChristianAchievers also include the development of extensive training and support programs for leaders, teachers and pastors for individuals from other organizations and churches.

Career Programs

ChristianAchievers purposes to fill many needs in the world today. Yet one more such need is the need of purpose-filled, ministry-oriented career opportunities. There are hundreds of thousands of Christians (perhaps more) in the world who would like to devote more time in serving God and their fellowmen – if they could only afford to. Unfortunately, too frequently their time and energies are consumed “just making a living”, perhaps even working two jobs. Many people are wanting to be involved in some form of active and consequential ministry – but they simply cannot afford to give the 10 to 50 hours per week that serious ministry requires. Thousands of committed and capable Christians need a ministry-oriented opportunity that will also provide them an adequate income. Cash-strapped churches simply cannot hire all the able and willing people who could serve in various ministry capacities.

To help meet this need, ChristianAchievers is developing new programs that will provide incomes through the marketing of its Christian-based Life Development Training Programs, memberships, seminars, books,DVDs and other products and services.

Certainly these career programs will attract many more capable and qualified people to this ministry than would be attracted to a more conventional volunteer-type program. And it won’t be that such people will be attracted primarily to “make money” – not at all! The primary motive for being part of ChristianAchievers Career Programs will most definitely be “purpose”! The incomes they generate through the career programs will simply allow them the time to invest in this ministry.

A Global Vision

The need for the programs of ChristianAchievers is virtually world wide. Therefore the vision of ChristianAchievers is also that of being “global”.

Your future with ChristianAchievers

As outlined above, ChristianAchievers is most certainly an ambitious undertaking. It offers you many diverse opportunities to become involved.

Whatever your life purpose was before viewing this website, you are invited to “re-think” your life purpose, your goals and your plans. You are invited to “upgrade” your dreams, to “dream big and for a purpose – to help others”. You are invited to ally with other Christian Achievers under the banner of ChristianAchievers. Collectively, we can change the world – for God!

ChristianAchievers is an outreach ministry of Mark of God Communications Inc.
For more information on ChristianAchievers programs, please contact Braden Caldwell
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(416) 804-6213 or email:

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