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Training Programs

Some of the Training Programs Being Developed

Plans are to offer training programs through live seminars, DVD’s and Online Learning Access.
Content subject to change without notice,

Some of the training programs being developed by HTMB Success Club are:

“Sales Power Communications” 
Developing Your Power of Persuasion – Adventure I

“Building Your Success Team”
How to Recruit the Right People – Adventure I

“Empowering Others to Succeed!”
Teaching and Team Support Methods – Adventure I

“Financial Strategies for Hard Times”
Innovative, Defensive Investment Planning – Adventure I

“Challenge to Achievers”
Leadership and Mentoring Training – Adventure I-B

“Overcoming Life’s Challenges”
How You Can Turn Setbacks Into Success! – Adventure I

“Accelerate the Momentum of Your Success”
Business Development Training – Adventure I

“Dare To Excel!”
Life Development Training – Adventure I-B

“Adventures of the Heart”
Relationship Dynamics for Singles & Couples – Adventure I

“Enjoy the Great Life!”
Health, Fitness & Diet Training – Adventure I

“Discover New Adventures In Allegiant Living!”
Timeless Principles for Happiness & Success! – Adventure I

“Safe” Content for Training Programs

A feature aspect of HTMB Success Club Training Programs is that they are most definitely neither “New Age” nor “Prosperity Gospel” in their philosophies, principles and practices.

Most of the “self-help” and “personal development training” in today’s marketplace is commonly referred to as “New Age” (whether it carries that label in an overt manner or not). Yet most people today are unaware that such “New Age” programs are actually rooted in the occult and spiritualism. The biggest hazard with “New Age” programs is that “they simply don’t work”! Their teachings are based on a deceptive blend of “truth, error and omission”. Hence, while they do offer “some” true teachings, their overall “recipes” for success have far too much error and omission to be “safe” teachings to follow.

“Prosperity Gospel” is a teaching popular in some Christian circles. It promises “health and wealth” to those who follow its teachings. Alas, it cannot deliver that promise. Its teachings are also based on a deceptive blend of “truth, error and omission”. And many of its teachings are also rooted in the occult and spiritualism. Hence “Prosperity Gospel” simply doesn’t work and is not a “safe” teaching to follow.

Unabashedly, HTMB Success Club Training Programs are based on sound and true Christian / Biblical principles of success and achievement. For thousands of years the philosophies, principles and teachings of the Bible have been used as a foundation not only for building businesses, but countries. The true and ancient teachings of the Bible offer the best foundation for the “safest” possible training that HTMB Success Club can provide today and in the future.

However, HTMB Success Club Training Programs are not purposed to be appealing only to Christians. Even non-Christians will appreciate the “safe” content these training programs will offer. Plans are to offer many training programs in two formats, one without an overt Christian content label and one with.

“Live” Training Programs, Seminars and Networking Events

The plans for HTMB Success Club include developing its operations across Canada, throughout the USA, into Australia and then into other overseas countries. At selected times and in selected cities, HTMB Success Club plans to offer various “live” training programs, seminars and networking events to supplement its online and social networking programs.

For more information on HTMB Success Club Inc., please contact Braden Caldwell

Phone; (416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6

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