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Braden Caldwell, Founder & President

Braden Caldwell is the creator and founder of “Hard Times Made Better” (HTMB Success Club Inc.). He is also the creator and founder of Mark of God Communications Inc. For more information on Braden Caldwell’s History and Plans for the Future, please refer to my book, “Vital Messages to Help Change People’s Lives!” (See Chapter IV, Vital Perspectives: Past, Present & Future”).


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Caldwell is a seasoned professional who has the experience, proven abilities and tested commitment to create and found this ambitious endeavour. Caldwell has had a visionary, daring and pioneering entrepreneurial spirit virtually all his life. When he was just nine years of age he would tag along with his father to various sales training and opportunity presentations his father was involved in. Later, at home, Caldwell would devour his father’s sales training manuals. Later, when he was just 12 years of age, he bought his first book on sales, “The Five Great Rules of Sales”. At the ripe old age of 15, he started his first real business endeavour, selling display advertising while still in high school.

Over the 27 years that followed, Caldwell gained personal experience in virtually every aspect of entrepreneurial business, from advertising to personnel training, from product development to corporate image design, from franchising to raising capital. He both founded a number of ventures and worked as a consultant to other companies.

His greatest corporate success was creating and founding a multi-million dollar automotive aftermarket venture that grew to almost 200 franchised agents and over 3000 salespeople across western Canada. At the height of his success, Caldwell was referred to as “The Architect of Marketing”. He proved that he was not only able to envision new business concepts, but was also able to turn those dreams and plans into reality.

In the early 1990’s Caldwell was hit with the loss of his marriage, his children, his business and his father (to cancer). The devastation of this multiple shock incited him to “take inventory” of his life, his plans and his priorities for the future. He decided to leave the more conventional world of business. He chose, instead, to begin applying all his years of marketing, corporate image design, sales training, franchising, etc. to the more purposeful direction of Christian ministry.

While all of his adult life Caldwell had been a Christian, apart from being a deacon and teaching small classes he hadn’t been active in ministry or evangelism. One thing that had kept him from any thought of “preaching” was a terrible and paralyzing fear of public speaking. This was something that he didn’t overcome until he was in his thirties. (As Caldwell says, this was ironic since to be an evangelist had been a dream of his since childhood.)

For the last 19 years Caldwell has focused his energies on Christian ministry. His first ministry efforts were in the direction of developing “Christian-based Personal Development Training” programs (as opposed to the more common New Age oriented programs that dominate today’s marketplace. That was followed by about ten years with an emphasis on “Christian Singles Ministries”. During that time he gave training seminars and provided individual life coaching for (mostly divorced) Christian singles.

Knowledgeable and caring, Caldwell had “earned the right” in the “university of life” and was well qualified to be a speaker and coach to these singles. Caldwell himself had experienced both the exhilarating joy of achieving success (in marriage and in building a multi-million dollar business) and the devastating defeat of losing it all. Over the years in singles ministry, he specialized in helping others who were going through the same dark valleys he once went through.

Whenever he offered singles seminars (on relationships and personal development), Caldwell also offered Bible Discovery programs on other nights. He was surprised to find that usually one out of three singles wanted to come to the Bible Discovery programs as well! That response led Caldwell to set aside singles ministry and instead focus his efforts more and more on Bible Discovery Evangelism. Since making the transition from business to ministry, Caldwell has been credited with being a gifted Bible teacher.

For most of the last ten years Caldwell’s ministry efforts have been in two directions. First of all, he has researched and written 12 books and many smaller publications on topics like “Understanding God”, “Who Is Jesus Christ?”, “So What About The Holy Spirit?”, “What Does It Take To Be Saved?”, “The Mark of the Beast – What is it REALLY?”, “The law of God – What is it and is it still relevant to Christians in the 21st Century?”, “Faith is Allegiance to God”, “The Elijah Message for Today”, “Why Be A Christian”, “Learn to Discern False Teachings that can be FATAL!”, “The Challenge to Christian Achievers”, “Vital Bible Messages to ‘Saved, Born-again Christians’ in the 21st Century” and “Preparing Yourself for a Future in Christian Ministry and Evangelism”.

Secondly, over the last ten years Caldwell has also been preparing the plans for three new Christian ministry programs. Mark of God Communications Inc. is the main ministry focus. It purposes to provide Bible Discovery Evangelism, Christian fellowship programs, lay evangelism training and evangelism-oriented career programs. The other two ministry programs of “Allegiant Life” and “Christian Achievers” are basically “outreach programs” for the Mark of God programs. (For more information on these ministries, please visit the website.)

In the economic downturn of 2008-2009, Caldwell faced a crisis. The challenging and uncertain economic times were virtually paralyzing efforts to secure funding for new ministry programs. Caldwell’s planned ministry programs were like a jet plane, sitting on the tarmac, ready to fly, but with no fuel. Would-be donors and supporters were becoming more and more preoccupied with their own financial challenges. Caldwell needed a solution that would supply “cash, credibility and contacts” for the ministry.

The solution was twofold. First, Caldwell determined that he would need to “come out of retirement” and “go back into business”. In particular, he would need to go into a business that would meet critical needs in the “hard times” that were coming. That’s when the name and concept of “Hard Times Made Better” first came to his mind.

Second, Caldwell knew he would need to come up with an incredible new business plan for this new “Hard Times Made Better” concept. He further knew that this new business would need to meet three criteria:

It would need to be powerful and pacesetting, meeting critical needs in very real and substantial ways and using the most powerful marketing techniques possible.

It would need to have truly “mass market appeal”, reaching not only Christians (as most of his prior ministry efforts had over the previous 15 years), but also the general population.

While not having a Christian “label” per se, it would need to be operated on sound Christian principles of success and achievement. It would also need to be free of any New Age oriented training.

The results of Caldwell’s more recent planning and preparations are in the new plans for HTMB Success Club as described in this Corporate Profile. Part of the plans described herein is for some aspects of HTMB Success Club to operate “parallel” to and with Mark of God Communications in its advertising, facilities and personnel.

For more information on HTMB Success Club Inc., please contact Braden Caldwell

Phone: (416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6

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