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The Challenge for Christian Achievers to Change the World – for God!

Are you a “Christian Achiever”? Then ask yourself these seven “hard” questions:

1.  What is my PURPOSE in life?

2. What VISION do I have for my life?

3. What GOALS have I set for my life?


  • Marriage and family?
  • Financial?
  • Personal Growth?
  • Physical?
  • Professional?
  • Social?
  • Spiritual?
  • Ministry / Service to Others?

4. What is SUCCESS to me?

5. What great thing would I attempt – if I knew I would not fail?

6. Do I believe that I have a God-given responsibility to “do all I can” in service to God and to man in “making a positive impact on today’s world”?

7. Am I willing to (re)set my purpose, vision, goals and priorities to be in harmony with God’s plan for my life?

A challenge to commit to a purpose and a vision greater than yourself:

Give a man a DOLLAR and you CHEER his heart.
Give a man a DREAM and you CHALLENGE his heart.
Give a man CHRIST and you CHANGE his heart.

Only one life to live – too soon it will be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!

It is the duty of those who are not experiencing pain to help alleviate pain in those who are. Albert Schweitzer

Can you imagine the impact you could have on the world today if you – through the power of Jesus Christ – overcome your own challenges and helped others who are victims of their disadvantages.” Charles Swindoll

Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!

Three critical needs Christian Achievers-in-Action can help fill in the world today:


  • In business, career and ministry
  • In marriage and relationships In parenting
  • In individual, personal development


  • Of divorce
  • Of business or career setbacks
  • Of “change”, including illness or death of a close one
  • Of the sometimes overwhelming “challenges” of life


  • Reaching out to the unsaved with the basic Gospel message
    of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Reaching out to the great mass of “disenfranchised” (unchurched)
    Christians, bringing them back into a relationship with God and
    other real Christians
  • Teaching them – as in a more complete execution of The Great
    Commission – “to observe all things that He commanded”
  • Teaching others to do all of the above (Mentoring, Overcoming and
    Reaching & Teaching) – and teaching them to teach others,
    and so on

Dreaming and planning for the Christian Achiever:

Find a NEED and fill it.
Find a HURT and heal it.
Find a PROBLEM and solve it.
The bigger the need, the bigger the potential success.

All our dreams can come true –if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

Dream no small dreams – for they have no magic to stir men’s souls. Norman Vincent Peale

If your dreams include God, you cannot dream too big. Charles Swindoll

You never test the resources of God until you attempt the impossible. F.B. Meyer

Challenge “what IS” in your life with a dream of “what COULD be!”


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