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Allegiant Life offers you many exciting and rewarding opportunities to get involved in this dynamic Christian ministry. Please enjoy perusing this website. May God richly bless you and guide you in examining these programs.


Helping Christians Live More “Allegiant” Lives

The name “Allegiant Life” comes from the concept of being “allegiant” to Jesus Christ as both Saviour and Lord. A famous Scripture, Ephesians 2:8, is frequently translated, “For by grace are ye saved through faith” (KJV). However, the Greek word translated there as “faith is  – and “pistis” more accurately translated really means “allegiance, loyalty, fidelity” – much more than simply “belief” or mental assent. Allegiance also includes striving to be obedient to all of God’s commands. Hence, one purpose of Allegiant Life is to help Christians live more “allegiant lives”.

Maybe surprisingly, true and full success for an allegiant Christian is NOT simply “having a relationship” with God and Jesus Christ. While such a vibrant relationship is indeed fundamental, even requisite, to achieving true success, the relationship is only being “the branch that abides in the vine of Christ”. As Christians, we are accountable for our service, our allegiance and our loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ – and not to earn our salvation, but because He has redeemed us. We are not only redeemed for eternal life, but we are also redeemed for service to Him now in this temporal life. True and full success for you as an allegiant Christian is the complete achievement of all that God would have you do – for Him and His glory. Being successful as an allegiant Christian is therefore “Achieving GOD’s purpose for YOUR life”.


Why a new church is needed!

Allegiant Life was originally created in 2002-2003. An expanded version of the basic truths, principles and concepts was added in 2011 with “Mark of God Communications Inc,” (a federally chartered corporation). Allegiant Life is now a division of “Mark of God Communications Inc.” 2022-2025: Future plans are to establish Allegiant Life as a NEW church!


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Allegiant Life is most certainly an ambitious ministry endeavour. It offers you many exciting and rewarding opportunities to “enjoy new adventures in Christian Living”.  For more information on how you can enjoy being part of Allegiant Life, please contact Braden Caldwell by email at

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Allegiant Life is an outreach ministry of  Mark of God Communications Inc.
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