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Discover How You Can Thrive, Not Just Survive, In “Hard Times”!



“Hard Times”, financially, are definitely a reality for more and more people today. For many people, the future may become worse, even a lot worse, before it gets better.

“Hard Times” is most definitely a great problem – perhaps for you as well.

But today’s “Hard Times” can also be a great opportunity – again, perhaps for you as well!

There is an old saying about how to become successful: “Find a need and fill it. Find a hurt and heal it. Find a problem and solve it. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential success!”

The problem is “Hard Times”. The solution is “Hard Times Made Better”.

“Hard Times Made Better” (HTMB) is the purpose and strategy behind the new “HTMB Success Club”. HTMB Success Club Inc. is an exciting and pacesetting new concept that will help people thrive, not just survive, in “Hard Times”.

The Vision of HTMB Success Club

Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come!” That maxim is so very applicable to the innovative and dynamic vision for HTMB Success Club; it is most certainly an incredible idea whose time has come!

The goal and purpose of HTMB Success Club is to help you achieve real and lasting success – despite hard times, even critically hard times.

To help you achieve real and lasting success, HTMB Success Club will offer you four types of benefits and services: Empowerment, Opportunity, Team Support and CyberDynamics.


Empowerment means “to give power, abilities or qualities to; to equip; to enable”. To help “empower” you, HTMB Success Club will offer you:

  • Information
  • Training
  • Motivation
  • Life Development
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development


Hard times often necessitate finding – or making – new income opportunities. Therefore, HTMB Success Club will also offer you opportunities to:

  • Add to Your Monthly Income
  • Own Your Own Business
  • Become a Master Franchisee
  • Discover Innovative Investment Options
  • Explore Fund Raising Options

Team Support

Empowerment helps prepare you for opportunity. But ongoing Team Support helps to ensure your success. Therefore HTMB Success Club will also offer you ongoing support through:

  • Fellowship
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Life Coaching


“CyberDynamics” is a word used by HTMB Success Club to describe the future “online” programs and support systems it will offer you. Through its CyberDynamics programs you will be able to use the internet and social networking sites (like Facebook and LinkedIn) to:

  • Access the information, training, motivation, magazine and other Empowerment and Team Support programs of HTMB Success Club
  • Maximize your own life, career and business development
  • Introduce others to the consumer products* and services* as well as the membership and marketing opportunities of HTMB Success Club
  • Stay in contact with the Charter Members and Managers you have introduced to HTMB Success Club, mentoring them in their life, career and business development

*Some consumers will purchase books, DVD’s, seminars, etc., but not become members of t HTMB Success Club

For more information on HTMB Success Club Inc., please contact Braden Caldwell

Phone: (416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6


Note: The original concepts expressed herein are protected under common copyright law and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the explicit written permission of HTMB Success Club Inc.

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