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What is the Connection with “Mark of God Communications”?

You may have noticed the HTMB Success Club promoted in advertisements like the following:

So what connection does the HTMB Success Club have with Mark of God Communications?

First of all, HTMB Success Club Inc. and Mark of God Communications Inc. are two separate companies, each federally chartered as a Canadian corporation.

Also “distinct and separate” are the basic functions and purposes of these two exciting new endeavours. The basic function of the HTMB (“Hard Times Made Better”) Success Club is as a business enterprise. Its basic purpose is to help people become more successful, especially in the financial aspects of life. The basic function of Mark of God Communications is as a Christian ministry. Its basic purpose is to help people know more about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and how to enjoy both the present and eternal benefits of being a Christian.

While there are distinct differences to these two endeavours, there are also a number of parallels.

Both are the Creations of Braden Caldwell

Caldwell is the Founder and President of both corporations. HTMB Success Club was originally created by Caldwell to be an “outreach” for the ministry programs of Mark of God Communications. Since its inception, HTMB Success Club has grown and developed into a separate and independent endeavour of its own.

Both offer “Real Hope for a Great Future”

HTMB Success Club is a much-needed new concept for today’s uncertain and troubled economic times. “HTMB” stands for “Hard Times Made Better” – which is a fitting name for a dynamic new success club that will offer real hope for real solutions. HTMB Success Club purposes to help you “thrive” not just “survive” these troubled times and perhaps the even more troubled times that lay ahead.

While HTMB Success Club offers you real hope for a great future in a more temporal and immediate sense, Mark of God Communications offers you real hope for a great future in a more spiritual and eternal sense. Unabashedly the goal of Mark of God Communications is to help as many people as possible not only gain eternal life, but to also enjoy the “here and now” benefits of “living the Christian life”.

Both offer “Membership Benefits” and “Training”

HTMB Success Club offers you membership benefits of “Empowerment, Opportunities, Team Support and CyberDynamics” and training in ““Life, Career and Business Development”.

Mark of God Communications offers you membership benefits of Christian fellowship and training in “Bible Discovery Education and Lay Evangelism”.

Both offer “Career Opportunities”

HTMB Success Club offers you career and franchise-like business programs to market its memberships, training programs and other products and services.

Mark of God Communications offers you career opportunities in its “Evangelism Team Programs” to promote Bible Discovery Evangelism, Church Fellowship and Lay Evangelism.

“Joint Venture” Advantages

Because of the advantageous parallels described above and because it is anticipated that many people will choose to be actively involved in both endeavours, these two separate corporations will operate in a “joint venture” manner. Hence, wherever it is advantageous and efficient to do so, plans are to “share” not only advertising and promotions as above, but also facilities and corporate personnel.

This “joint venture” strategy should help produce greater results for each of HTMB Success Club and Mark of God Communications. It should also help produce greater results for you and other individual participants – even if you or others are involved in only one of these endeavours.

“Either or Both” – The Choice is Yours!

As mentioned in the above advertisement, you can choose to be involved in either or both of HTMB Success Club and Mark of God Communications. The choice is yours. If you are involved in one you are under absolutely no obligation to also be involved in the other.

Unabashedly, however, the greatest opportunities are for those who are actively involved in both endeavours. Hence the invitation is extended to you to take a close look at the adventures, opportunities and benefits available to you in both HTMB Success Club and Mark of God Communications.

For more information on the programs offered by Mark of God Communications Inc., please visit

For more information on HTMB Success Club Inc., please contact Braden Caldwell

Phone: (416) 804-6213 or email:

Mailing address: 777 Butterworth Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6R2P6

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