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Note: The summaries of beliefs and teachings expressed below reflect those of Mark of God Communications Inc. as a an organization. It is most certainly understood that not all who would participate in the various programs would necessarily be in complete concurrence with all of these perspectives,  It is not the purpose of Mark of God Communications Inc. to mandate the beliefs of its members, associates and the people it serves. As a Christian ministry, however, it unabashedly puts forth certain expressions of doctrinal beliefs. Individuals who are not necessarily in complete harmony with all the doctrinal perspectives are still welcome to participate as and attendee or “Associate Member”.


The Bible
The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. As Christians, we are to faithfully, study and obey God’s Word. The Bible is a book of prophecy in which God foretold thousands of future events – the majority of which have taken place,

As Christians we are to carefully seek after and have a passionate love for God’s truth. Knowledge of God’s Word is the foundation for the discernment of truth. Knowing truth is vital, as error can lead to disaster, even a loss of salvation.

There is one God – the Creator of all the universe. God is our “Father” and His love gives us hope, courage, security, true self-worth and the basis of our salvation. God directs the plan of salvation and works over all things to fulfill that plan.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God. Prior to Creation, He existed with the Father. Jesus Christ was Co-creator of this world. As the Messiah, Jesus Christ gave up His life and paid the price for our sins. We pass from death to life by accepting Jesus Christ as the gift of God.

The Holy Spirit 
The Holy Spirit, the very power and essence of almighty God, has always existed. The Holy Spirit was very active throughout the Old Testament. Christ sent the Holy Spirit to continue His ministry and to guide and empower His followers.

Created in the image of God the Father and Christ the Son, mankind was once perfect and innocent. When mankind sinned against God, the curse of alienation from God and the condemnation of death came upon the human race

Satan, the devil, is a real and powerful being – a deceiver capable of transforming himself into an angel of light. Through persecution, love of the world or false teachings, Satan can draw us away from Christ and we can fall from grace.

The Gospel of Salvation
Initiated by God before the Fall of man, the plan of salvation was fulfilled in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a gift of God received only through repentance for sin, allegiant faith in Christ, and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

The Greek word translated as “faith” really means “allegiance”. Allegiance – or loyalty or fidelity – entails much more than simply “belief” or mental assent. Allegiance also includes striving to be obedient to all of God’s commandments.

Repeatedly, Jesus Christ pointed to a fundamental of our relationship with Him: “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” He further mandated that we observe “all” things that He has commanded and that we teach others to do so also.

Baptism by immersion in water signifies our covenant union with Jesus Christ crucified, buried and resurrected. Baptism itself does not save, but is an act of obedience for those who decide to trust and obey Christ as their Lord.

Christ reaffirmed the Passover celebration when He and His disciples partook of the bread and wine. At that time Christ also instituted the ordinance of footwashing, which is to be observed by believers today. Footwashing, sometimes referred to as the Ordinance of Humility, helps us sustain a humble, serving and Christ-like relationship with our fellowmen

The Law of God
The Law of God includes all His universal and eternal laws. Christ did not come to destroy the Law and no part of it has revoked or changed. Observing the Law helps us to become what what God would have us be and expresses our love to Him and mankind.

The Weekly Sabbath
God created the weekly Sabbath and commands its observance for all time. The weekly Sabbath points to God and our creation. Like all of God’s commandments it is for us a blessing – a blessing that we simply cannot receive on any other day of the week.

The Annual Sabbaths
The seven annual Sabbaths were ordained by God and, like the weekly Sabbaths, were to be observed through all time, even in the new heavens and new earth. The annual Sabbaths each point to Christ and our Redemption. They picture His plan of salvation. The annual Sabbaths were observed by the early New Testament Christians and are a blessing to Christians who observe them today.

Biblical Dietary Laws
The Biblical distinction between clean and unclean meats is to be observed today as God’s will because it was God-given for the benefit of mankind. Jesus, the apostles and the early New Testament church observed the dietary laws, and they remain in effect.

Prayer is a precious opportunity to talk with God. There is no innate power in prayer itself, but there is omnipotent power in the God we pray to. God invites us to ask Him for things we need and He hears all prayers, even those unspoken. No prayer goes unnoticed.

God is a jealous God and He wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth, not in ways the way false gods are worshipped. Scripture invites us to come into God’s presence with a spirit of praise and thanksgiving, to sing, to learn and to become equipped for service.

The Dignity and Equality of Women
God did not purpose women to be inferior, subordinate or assistants of inferior status, but to be equal, interdependent partners with men. Scripture welcomes and commends women in an unrestricted variety of ministries, including teaching and leadership.

Divorce and Remarriage
Christ did not do away with divorce or remarriage, only with the abuses of them. He established the grounds for divorce as “marital unfaithfulness”, not only adultery. God’s desire is for His people to enjoy good marriages – even if it is through remarriage.

Tithing and Stewardship 
Tithing is a test of our allegiant stewardship over the property of God. It is a test of our allegiant love and desire to please Him with our lives. It is a demonstration that we are allegiant to God and that He is the provider of all material blessings.

History of Past Bible Prophecies
Refer to highlights on these topics: “The Symbolism and Repetitions of the Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation”; “Historicist Interpretation of Bible Prophecy”; and “The Year-day Time Factor of Bible Prophecy”.

The Elijah Message
There has been and will continue to be a great deception within the church: “the doctrines of demons” or spiritualism brought in by Christian leaders. Unless they know and heed the warnings, many who are “saved and born-again” will be deceived and lost.

Soul, Spirit and Body
Each of the spirit, soul and body has a distinct function that contributes to the spiritual existence of the whole man – but none is able to exist independently of the others. The soul has no separate existence independent of the body and is subject to death.

Resurrection and Life After Death
A person has no awareness between his death and his bodily resurrection. Resurrection  of the righteous will take place at the Second Coming of Christ – resurrection of the “lost” (wicked) a thousand years later. The wages of sin is not eternal torment but extinction.

Spiritual Gifts 
God gives spiritual gifts to all believers. Some gifts are permanent, edifying gifts to be used throughout the church age. Other gifts were temporary sign gifts given to authenticate God’s Word before the New Testament Scriptures were written.

Spiritual Warfare
Salvation brings true deliverance and protection from Satan. The Bible does not instruct us to rebuke, bind or verbally assault demons, but to be allegiant to God, uphold sound doctrine and turn from sin to Christ – in Whom we are secure against attacks of demons.

Christ’s Second Coming
Christ will come again – soon – with power and great glory, sending His angels with a sound of a trumpet to gather His elect from around the world. The saved, those alive and those resurrected, will be caught up to meet Him in the air and be taken to heaven.

The Millennium  
After His return, the saints will reign with Christ in heaven for a thousand years. During this time Satan is bound; the earth is desolate. Then Christ will descend with His people; to the New Jerusalem. The “lost” (the wicked) will be resurrected, judged and destroyed.

New Heaven and New Earth
The millennium will be followed by a new heaven and new earth – where there will be no more death, sorrow or pain. God will dwell with us and all things will be made new. There we will build houses and inhabit them and plant vineyards and eat of their fruit.

End-time Bible Prophecies
Bible prophecy of end-time happenings is a vital part of God’s revelation to man. God’s prophecies are not enshrouded in impenetrable mystery, but are to be understood by the people of God – as an invitation to come out of false religion and keep God’s commands.

Danger of Falling from Grace
The Bible repeatedly warns that, as free moral agents, “believers” can choose to fall from grace – through persecution, love of the world or false teachings. However, if we are allegiant to Him and abide in Him, Christ will keep us safe from falling

The Great Commission 
Christ commissions “believers”, not only to go into all the world and make baptized disciples, but to also “teach them to observe all things He commanded” – and which would include the many truths, commands and warning messages throughout Scripture. 


Note: These “Expressions of Doctrinal Beliefs” are not to be regarded as a creed, but rather as a synopsis of our best understanding of the Bible at this present time. Mark of God Communications Inc., is and will continue to be, open to spiritual growth and a deeper  understanding of the Bible .


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